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Map games online are free to play geography games for kids and your children can play them anytime to improve their geography knowledge skills. Geography education is very important. These games help form the basis for understanding our country, our states, our world. There are many kinds of geography map games like quiz games, countries matching games, wold capitals games or jigsaw map games. They all have one thing similar. The games will help you to test and improve your geography skills by the most fun way, the online game! Most of the games ar interactive point-and-click little applications that will allow you to click on the map on a different possitions to find out where the world's continents, countries, capital cities are situated, or where all states of the USA are located.
Matching Map Games: They are the common interactive map games. They can be either with a political or a satelite map. Your mission is to find out the position of a place, which name is shown somewhere on the game screen and you have to be as quick as possible to get bonus points. Some of them the sliding option so you can to drag and drop the names of states into the corresponding area. In some games there are no names but only shapes of the states or countries. You have to drag and drop them to match them with the locations on the map.
Jigsaw Map Games: Your goal in Jigsaw Map Games is to put together a puzzle picture showing a map of the World, USA, Europe or other continents. You can try to finish each of the games in the quickest time possible and you can play them on different difficulty levels, which mostly means how many pieces of the jigsaw map you will have to put together. The puzzle map games are the best to train your knowledge about how the World and the continents look on the map and if you can match different parts of the map together fast, without mistakes.
Geography Quiz Games: These educational games are made to improve your basic geography knowledge or historical map knowledge and you will be asked questions like how many coutries are in the North America or where is the Big Ben tower situated. Take it as a little competition for you or for your kids. You will score some points for every coorect answer and you can play the games repetantly and see how did you improve in the game over time. Sometimes these games have even pictures or animations showing you the current place, monument or country etc. which is an advice for you, so even small kids which do not read so well, yet can play these Quiz Games.
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